Americans love good deals. The television gameshow Let’s Make A Deal has spanned four generations, with hosts Monty Hall and Wayne Brady both being household names in their respective time periods. Bob Barker and Drew Carey have done the same with The Price Is Right. But television producers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this red, white and blue business phenomenon.

The 2020 Criteo New Consumer Mindset survey found that 93% of consumers cite coupons and promotions as important factors in purchasing decisions. Further, 75% of consumers expect discounts and promotions, according to the 2019 Merkle HelloWorld Loyalty Report. These phenomena are especially true in the automotive industry.

Blitzify is the most comprehensive, innovative sales and marketing platform of the 21st century for automotive service providers. Your virtual lobby and 24/7 Instaquote Menu combine for round-the-clock lead generation. We keep those customers engaged with you with predictive maintenance schedules and other nurturing techniques.

75% of consumers expect discounts and promotions.

Price is seldom the sole deciding factor when customers choose their service providers. But it certainly plays a role, particularly when customers know scheduled maintenance is forthcoming. Blitzify ensures maximum returns on your promotional efforts.

Scarcity, timing and urgency

Food and water have innate value because humans need both to exist. Money (dollars, euros, etc.) has fiat value because a government entity says so. Automotive service has both innate and fiat value to consumers. A car provides transportation to work, supermarkets and recreational activities. Thus cars are necessities for most Americans. But ride-sharing platforms and public transportation provide alternatives for those believing car ownership is too expensive.

The average monthly cost of car ownership is about $900, according to NerdWallet. That includes monthly payments, insurance, gas, fees and, of course maintenance. This number drops when a car is owned versus leased or financed. But used cars typically require more maintenance. Blitzify gives you the opportunity to attract and nurture customers with coupons and promotions.

Blitzify’s intelligence allows you to run effective, timely promotions.

A customers knows their 30,000 mile brake inspection and pad replacement is forthcoming via our predictive maintenance system. It also alerts service providers in that customers local area. Offer a limited time coupon for 20% off brake service. That local customer sees your deal for a necessary repair based on their mileage and owner’s manual. Run air conditioning specials in May, right before the hot summer months. Perpetual 15% off oil changes are also effective.

Limitless possibilities

Two facts work in the favor of Blitzify service providers. One, cars are necessities for most Americans. Secondly, everyone is looking for good deals. Take advantage of Blitzify for both customer retention and new acquisitions.

  • Nearly every consumer decision involves coupons
  • Consumers expect discounts
  • Predictive maintenance comes from the manufacturer, not you
  • Leverage scarcity, timing and urgency to acquire new customers
  • Perpetual specials engage leads forever

Blitzify isn’t just facilitating promotional offers from service providers to consumers. We’re also offering exclusive access to the Blitzify system leading up to our official launch. Stay up to date by signing up for our email list.

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