Savvy service providers understand what pays their bills. Overhead costs vary greatly from shop to shop. But balancing your marketing needs and time in the bays is critical to all successful auto repair businesses. The more cars that come through your shop, the more money that comes in. Blitzify facilitates that delicate balance and maximizes profits.

A good rule of thumb for marketing budgets is the percentage of targeted sales. If your company is projected to earn $800,000 in gross revenues for 2021, then 4-5% must be towards marketing. Specialized outfits like transmission and auto body repair shops must spend 6-8% on marketing. Regardless, we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars that could otherwise be reinvested back into the shop or placed in your personal bank account.

Streamlining your entire marketing operation, for a fraction of the cost of hiring specialized personnel, is what Blitzify does for you.

Blitzify parts maximize the whole

Blitzify continually conducts market research to ensure our platform offers service providers all the necessary tools for maximum profits. Here’s what we know right now – time on the phone cuts into net profits. But this is the primary method of lead generation for most automotive service providers. Enter Blitzify.

Blitzify generates leads for you at a fraction of the cost.

There are several automotive services with set pricing for specific vehicles. Your 24/7 InstaQuote Menu provides new potential customers exact, out-the-door pricing for routine services like oil changes, wiper blade replacement, transmission service, etc. Your virtual lobby introduces said customers to you and your business. It is often the deciding factor for that customer choosing you or one of your competitors. Your initial efforts create a perpetual lead generation machine that brings customers right to you.

Now that you’ve established a relationship with the foregoing customer, the nurturing aspects commence. Our predictive maintenance system keeps customers apprised of forthcoming, manufacturer-recommended repairs and maintenance on their vehicles. You are also notified of this customer’s needs. A simple message to that customer about their upcoming scheduled maintenance is yet another streamlined customer retention method within the Blitzify system.

Nothing compares to the power of Blitzify

Some service providers rely on Yelp for lead generation. But as noted, customers want transparency and accuracy in pricing. They must either call you or exchange emails for pricing in Yelp.

Blitzify provides customers your exact, out-the-door pricing for many routine services.

Facebook is also a common tool for automotive service providers. But Facebook only allows about 5.2% of customers to see your posts organically, according to HootSuite data. If you want more to see your content, you have to pay for it. Blitzify allows all of your posts to be seen by whoever comes across your page. No other social/customer relations platform provides our powerful marketing features.

  • 24/7 InstaQuote Menu provides out-the-door pricing
  • Your virtual lobby personalizes yourself and business
  • Our predictive maintenance system keep those customers coming back
  • Nurturing and customer retention methods are easy to apply

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