Vehicle owner’s manuals are perhaps the most important pieces of literature related to your car. These books are so vital to vehicle that a peer-reviewed academic journal conducted research in 2002 to determine overall readership. North Carolina State University researchers concluded that while 59% of car owners read parts of their manuals, only about 5% read them all the way through.

Owner’s manuals provide setup instructions, ideal tire pressure, warranty details and other information. But the most important function of owner’s manuals is providing maintenance schedules. Most vehicle owners change their oil every 5,000 to 7,500 nowadays. Modern lubricants maintain viscosity for longer periods of time than the conventional oils of yesteryear. But a well-oiled machine is only as good as the belts, brakes and bolts that hold it together and stop it when necessary.

Blitzify takes all the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance. And best of all, we keep customers coming to you for necessary services.

Anticipating customer needs

The Blitzify platform is a powerful database. It houses owner’s manuals for virtually every car in existence. Imagine the owner of 2007 Altima receiving this message in their Blitzify inbox: “Nissan recommends you replace your transmission fluid next week.” This customer inputed their VIN number and mileage. Blitzify does the rest.

Blitzify customers receive maintenance recommendations straight from the manufacturer (the owner’s manual)

You have already filled in 10 prices for transmission fluid changes on your 24/7 InstaQuote Menu. The Blitzify Parity System turned those 10 prices into 30,000+ prices for other vehicles with similar transmission specs, including the 2007 Altima. This customer lives in your area. Thus the Blitzify Best Match System included your price among three others. All the work you did on your virtual lobby persuades this customers to choose you over the competition.

Didn’t land this customer today? No problem. Spruce up your virtual lobby. Adjust your prices. There are plenty more where this one came from.

Manufacturer recommendations

Most automotive service providers are skilled, honorable people. Unfortunately Americans stigmatize the entire industry. A 2016 AAA surgery found that 66% of American drivers do not trust auto mechanics in general. But the survey also found that 64% of drivers found one mechanic that is trustworthy and reliable. Blitzify maximizes your economic opportunities based on these dynamics.

Customers receive maintenance recommendations straight from the manufacturer (the owner’s manual). It is not you telling them that the serpentine belt, brake pads and/or fuel filter need changing on their vehicles. The manufacturer is telling them. They come to you because your price, virtual lobby and reviews convinced them. Now just do what you do best. Provide quality work and first-class service. You’ve earned a customer for life.

We get your prices in front of local vehicle owners when they are up for maintenance services.

Local customers are constantly reminded of forthcoming maintenance on their vehicles. That means a steady flow of hot leads coming right to your inbox.

Money in the bank

Let’s recap:

  • Customers prefer one trustworthy mechanic
  • Blitzify powerful database contains every vehicle owner’s manual
  • Customer get notified of manufacturer-recommended maintenance
  • Your price and virtual lobby show up as a match
  • They choose you, giving you a customer for life

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