We know the reality. Consumers simply do not like automotive service providers. This is not conjecture. A whopping 83% of consumers feel mechanics overcharge them for repairs and maintenance, according to an AutoMD.com survey. That same survey found that 86% of consumers would view their experiences with mechanics more positively if they knew exact pricing upfront. They want transparency.

Healing these wounds will not happen overnight. However, automotive mechanics and technicians are necessary service providers in the lives of most Americans. Blitzify addresses the most glaring and frustrating aspects of the love-hate relationship between consumers and service providers. Customers get exact out-the-door pricing from your 24/7 InstaQuote Menu. They know your hours of operation, amenities offered and even what you look like via your Blitzify Virtual Lobby. But those aren’t even enough for satisfy those tough-to-please customers out there.

Blitzify provides round-the-clock leads, SEO opportunities, dispute resolution, and much more. Most of these benefits are free forever. Our premium features have very high benefit-to-cost ratios. All Blitzify asks of service providers is to take and respect the Blitzify Community Pledge.

I pledge to perform services to the best of my ability

Capability is a matter of learning. Whether your grandfather taught you how to rebuild transmissions or you learned at a technical school, you acquired the ability to perform the task. Performance is determine by your level of executing the task. Sound mind and body are imperative to maximum performance. You pledge to minimize and admit errors, while prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times.

I pledge to operate by The Golden Rule

Treat others as you wish to be treated. This simple precept would resolve every social and political issue across the globe if adopted universally by humanity. Unfortunately we can only control so much in this vast world. Blitzify service providers pledge to treat all customers with dignity, respect and goodwill, regardless of age, race, sex, religious affiliation, creed, disability, and any/all other distinguishing characteristics.

I pledge to perform and recommend only necessary services

This harkens back to the beginning of this article. A loyal customers nets higher profits in the long-run. It’s bad business to rely on profits from one-off customers. But make certain to honor the Blitzify Community Pledge at all times. You pledge to perform the task at hand and only recommend additional services as necessary and proper.

I pledge to honor advertised pricing, no hidden costs

A Sprout Social survey found that 86% of consumers rank transparency as the top deciding factor when choosing service providers. Surprise, hidden costs are bad for business as they lead to bad reviews. They also violate the Blitzify Community Pledge. Customers received final, out-the-door costs when booked through Blitzify.

I pledge to represent Blitzify in a professional manner at all times

Mechanics look professional with oil stains on their faces, dirty shoes and matted caps. Professionalism is conveyed further with smiles, eye contact and saying “please” and “thank you.” You pledge to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, both online and in person with customers.

Pledging for profits

Blitzify pledges to provide you all the tools necessary for customer acquisition, retention and maximizing profits. You pledge to:

  • Perform services to the best of your ability
  • Practice the Golden Rule
  • Perform and recommend only necessary services
  • Honor advertised pricing
  • Conduct yourself professionally

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