Precedence Research reported that the global automotive aftermarket industry was worth $381 billion in 2019. The firm expects that number to grow to more than a half trillion dollars by 2027. Competition is fierce in the automotive aftermarket industry, whether it’s service, accessories, or parts. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealerships face even stiffer competition not only among themselves, but also the aftermarket.

InteliChek was founded in 1997. It fulfilled a glaring market need for OEMs – competitive market data. OEMs were not only competing with themselves, but also the aftermarket that offered lower prices, and faster, more localized service for consumers.

OEMs have been using InteliChek data for years.

InteliChek employs hundreds of agents who call service providers directly and acquire real-time, out-the-door pricing on all automotive services, parts and accessories. As of today, InteliChek databases house over 14 billion prices on everything from oil changes and tire rotations, to alternator and starter installations. InteliChek uses advanced analytics to create localized market reports that illustrate pricing and other data points from today and over periods of time.

OEMs utilize these market reports to understand the local competitive landscape. They offer promotions and adjust pricing based on aggregate data. Large aftermarket providers utilize InteliChek market data to reap these same benefits. But InteliChek is a B2B platform. Consumers should also have the ability to choose automotive service providers based on in-depth market intelligence. A B2C InteliChek was necessary.

Blitzify is born

Independent repair shops consistently outperform OEM service departments in customer satisfaction, pricing and timeliness. InteliChek changed the OEMs and aftermarket landscape as providers applied key analytics, adjusted pricing, and improved customer relations to ensure profitability. Blitzify allows consumers to utilize much of the same market intelligence and its own unique data that assists in selecting service providers.

Blitzify connects consumers and service providers. Think of us as the perfect lead generator/matchmaker.

Blitzify is powered by InteliChek market analytics while gathering mountains of consumer-specific data. Consumers (“Guests”) create their Blitzify accounts (“Garages”) and gain access to this revolutionary platform that is forever disrupting the automotive service industry. Service providers supply real-time, out-the-door, guaranteed prices for common services like oil changes, tire rotations, wiper blade replacement, etc. The Blitzify Parity System auto-fills tens of thousands more prices based on similar specifications between vehicles.

Consumers Blitz-A-Quote for their needed service from local providers. They are matched with providers based on location and other criteria (e.g. WiFi in lobby, courtesy transportation, etc.). Some consumers pick the provider with the lowest price. Others look for positive consumer reviews, lobby amenities, or other factors. Blitzify creates a true supply and demand automotive service platform that provides checks and balances for both consumers and providers. Consumers enjoy greater customer satisfaction, while savvy service providers gain long-term customers and higher profits.

Learn more about Blitzify

InteliChek remains on its perch as the premier provider of automotive market intelligence in the country. Blitzify, a subsidiary of InteliChek, is launching in 2021. Learn more about InteliChek here. Automotive service providers – learn more about the benefits of Blitzify here. Join our mailing list today for exclusive information on the Blitzify pre-launch.

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