Customer acquisition is a pricey, yet necessary endeavor. It costs about $33.52 in Google advertising to acquire a new customer in the automotive industry, according to marketing firm PowerTraffick. That means a $50 oil change for that new customer nets very little profit. When you add in peripheral costs, you’re in the red with that customer. The real profits come from customer retention and loyalty.

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does retaining an existing customer. Further, an American Express survey found that one-third of consumers switch companies after just one bad experience. Granted fake and exaggerated consumer reviews come with the territory of being a business owner. But allowing bad reviews to sit and fester effects your bottom line on several levels.

The Blitzify ecosystem facilitates amicable, productive relationships between consumers and service providers. You jazz up your virtual lobby, fill out your 24/7 Instaquote Menu, and we bring you customers. But every customer experience is not going to be perfect. That’s where Blitzify comes into the picture.

Consumer reviews: the good, the bad, the ugly

The 2020 Local Consumer Review survey by Bright Local found that 92% of consumers are less likely to patronize a business with negative online reviews. The survey also found that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much or more than they do recommendations from friends and family.

The best practice is to provide world-class customer service and quality workmanship. Positive reviews will follow. Unfortunately it takes only one bad review to tarnish all your hard work and dedication. Blitzify service providers rely on our dispute resolution procedures to mitigate potential damage.

Consumers trust online reviews more than recommendations from friends and family.

Addressing bad reviews

Our system moderates all reviews received from customers. The Blitzify algorithm immediately determines if the customer actually booked their service through our system and visited your establishment. This feature prevents online brigading and artificial manipulation of your overall business reputation. But the real power of Blitzify is in encouraging resolution between consumer and service provider.

You are immediately notified when a 3-star or less (out of five) review is left about your company. It’s imperative for service providers to reply to these reviews in a professional manner. Market research firm Womply found that 75% of businesses never reply to consumer reviews. But 30% of consumers reverse negative reviews once a business responds and addresses their concerns, according to a ZenBusiness survey.

The Blitzify platform continually reminds you to respond to bad reviews. Your business loses money every moment a bad review goes unaddressed. Apologize for the perceived mistake. Acknowledge the customer’s pain points and offer some sort of resolution. Not only is this likely to retain the previously unsatisfied customer, but will also show other customers that you care.

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Google and Yelp own the vast majority of the consumer review marketshare. Anybody can leave reviews on those platforms whether they are your customers or not. Further, companies are paying people to post positive reviews on those platforms because they understand the value of said reviews. Thus you never know if Google and Yelp reviews are genuine.

Blitzify provides a system of honesty and integrity.

  • Customer retention is a lot less expensive than customer acquisition
  • Online reviews are a deciding factor in a vast majority of consumer decisions
  • Bad reviews kill profits
  • Blitzify reminds you to respond to bad reviews
  • Many customers reverse bad reviews after you address their concerns

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