Let people know what makes your shop special.


Some customers simply choose the service provider with the lowest price. But the International Council of Shopping Centers found in 2019 that 65% of customers considered brand experience and customer service as the most important factors in shopping decisions.

Online consumers determine whether they will do business with you or not within 50 milliseconds.

Customers click on your profile page to learn about you. They’ll see the basics: hours of operation, location, and the name of your shop. But a photo of you with a big, welcoming smile greeting them could be all it takes to sway their decision.

Tell them about the free WiFi, satellite television, and coffee in the waiting area. Highlight your smartphone and mobile device charging stations. Consumers are seeking specific accommodations and customer experiences. The Blitzify Best Match Service displays service provider options based on criteria entered by the customer. The more you fill out, the better chance you have of turning a hot lead into a paying customer.

Show them instead of telling them

Market research firm Hubspot found that 72% of consumers prefer video communications versus text. Imagine the ability to personally introduce yourself to thousands of potential customers with minimal effort. Blitzify has invested the time and energy into our platform so you can reap the benefits.

Mechanic works on under carriage of car

Your virtual lobby distinguishes your business from the competition.

Service providers add a personal touch to their virtual lobbies with videos. A 30-second shot of you speaking into a camera not only humanizes you but also gives you the opportunity to make personal connections. Talk about your experience, your specialties, and how your business came to be. Anyone can make marketing videos in the 21st century with the array of simple, user-friendly video editing applications on the market.

Video content is also great for search engine optimization (SEO). Google typically places Youtube search results at the top of most queries. Blitzify provides embedding capabilities to help you supercharge SEO. But service providers can also upload videos and host them natively on the platform. Video marketing is essential in maximizing the power of Blitzify.

First impressions, lasting results

New customer acquisition is five-time more expensive than customer retention. Further, increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by at least 25%. Your virtual lobby is the deciding factor for customers choosing between the competition. It also helps keep those customers around for the long haul.

Always keep your virtual lobby “clean.” That means updating photos, hours of operation, amenities, etc. accordingly when necessary. Create new videos to keep your lobby fresh and show customers you are engaged. Customer loyalty is earned through personalized service and attention to detail. Your virtual lobby is the gateway to customer acquisition and the funnel to retention. Your virtual lobby costs only a little time and effort. But the returns on that investment are limitless.


  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Virtual lobby amenities
  • Video and SEO opportunities
  • Customer retention

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