Never mix friends and money. That old adage has been around since the concept of money came onto the scene thousand of years ago. But the business landscape has changed in the 21st century. Customers, particularly in brick-and-mortar establishments, are no longer just numbers on a spreadsheet. As a result, service providers who treat their customers like numbers don’t last long.

It takes roughly 40 to 60 hours to form a casual relationship with another individual, according to a a 2018 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. It takes 100 hours for someone to be considered a “friend,” and 200 hours to be a “good friend.” Granted your customers are not necessarily friends. But part of the Blitzify Community Pledge is to treat others as you wish to be treated. Further, customers are both willing to pay more and provide personal information in exchange for good customer experiences.

Automotive service providers have long fought a stigma of being dishonest. Whether it’s true or not, business depends on your ability to circumvent these inevitable viewpoints. Blitzify takes a multi-pronged approach to maximize customer retention, which in turn maximizes profits. Your virtual lobby provides a personalized profile of yourself and company. The 24/7 Instaquote System removes pricing manipulation and ensures customers receive out-the-door pricing upfront. But that’s the beginning of the Blitzify customer experience.

Blitzify social aspects

Human communication has been completely made-over in the 21st century. Americans spend about 2.5 hours per day on social media, according to Hootsuite data. That number increases as age decreases. Texting, email and social media are the primary means of communication for most Millennials and Zoomers (Gen Z).

Blitzify combines all those factors on one platform, while addressing a major market need. Upwards of two-thirds of your profits are dependent on effective customer engagement, according to Marketing Week magazine. Blitzify is a one-stop solution for automotive service and education. Once a customer chooses your shop for a one-time service (e.g. oil change), it creates more opportunities for future services.

l media and customer relationship management (CRM) platform all in one.

Blitzify customers receive reminders of forthcoming maintenance. Service providers communicate with customers directly within the platform. Send personalized messages telling them “we’ve got your new brake pads for 20% off out-the-door.” Group messaging is also possible on the platform. Similar to a tweet or Instagram post, service providers can post daily, weekly, or however frequently they choose. Customers patronize businesses that keep them engaged.

Additional consumer nurturing tips

Service provider profits depend on customer retention. Make communications low-effort for customers. That means when they reach out, respond as quickly as possible. Some marketing departments refer to this as Consumer Effort Score or CES. It’s like golf. You want a low CES. The higher your score, the more effort customers had to put forth for resolution. Thus you want a high First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate and a low CES.

We also covered the following:

  • Customers aren’t necessarily friends, but are treated as such
  • Virtual lobby + Instaquote remove some mechanic stigmas
  • Younger generations communicate digitally
  • Customer engagement via personalized and group posts

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