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Competitive marketing information: if content is king, data is duke

Bill Gates is having a difficult May, to put it mildly. But the software mogul profoundly declared that “content is king” in a 1996 essay published on the Microsoft website. Gates said the real money would be earned from content on the internet. And he was right. The content marketing industry is worth $412 billion in 2021, according to Technavio. Its closest competitor, data, is catching up fast though.

The big data market will eclipse the $229 billion mark by 2025. Data is so colossal that industry analysts affectionately refer to the data Voltron – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – as GAFAM.

China also has a data Voltron with three companies: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent = BAT. Google made $133 billion in advertising revenue alone in 2019. That’s because the company knows more about you than your mother and significant other combined. Now imagine being an independent automotive service provider with the power of relevant, real-time market data at your fingertips.

Blitzify generates hot leads for our services providers with a combination of your virtual lobby and 24/7 InstaQuote Menu. Running promotions and offering coupons is another Blitzify feature to help close leads. But Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Market anticipation

Blitzify is the fly-on-the-wall inside all of your competitors’ establishments. We collect real-time, out-the-door pricing data from all your local competition and make it readily available to you. But it doesn’t stop there. Blitzify procures market reports that show you real-time average prices for every automotive service at the city, state and national levels. All of these data provide you comprehensive market intelligence to adapt your business practices accordingly.

For instance, here is an actual price quote for front brake pad and rotor replacement for the 2016 Toyota RAV4 SUV LE from four local service providers in Columbus, Ohio.

Data procurement is pricey and time-consuming. Blitzify does all this for you.

These were exact, out-the-door prices as of May 14, 2021 for this service. What does that mean for you as a Columbus (or whatever city you do business) service provider? Perhaps you run a “Summer Brake Special” for $299.

The Nintendo method might pique your interest in this situation as well. A 2012 report by the Harvard Business School found that Nintendo sold more Game Boys between 2001 and 2005 when the company bundled the device with a game. For this example, a Columbus automotive service provider can offer a “free” oil change with the front brake replacement for $329. Not only is this price lower than all of the local competition, but it exudes value because of the bundled services.

Power of data

Data procurement is pricey and time-consuming. Most Blitzify service providers fit into the “SME (small)” category of businesses. First year data procurement costs a minimum of $5,000 and goes up from there depending on complexity, according to Stacks Data. Blitzify does all this work for you. Most of this data are free for Blitzify service providers to utilize. But even our advanced market intelligence reports costs around $1 per day. We do the tedious labor so you can reap the benefits.

Data is the new oil in the business world.

  • Big data industry will eclipsed a quarter-trillion dollars by 2025
  • Blitzify collects data and provides market reports and real-time pricing quotes
  • Anticipate your prices based on competitor activity
  • Quotes are exact, out-the-door pricing
  • Consider bundles and coupons based on local market conditions

Pricing data and market conditions change monthly, weekly and sometimes hourly. That’s why it’s important to become a Blitzify service provider to stay up-to-date. Keep in touch by signing up for our email list.

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