Stop wasting money paying for expensive leads that simply don’t pan out. Did you know that for every 100 leads, only two or three become paying customers? Leads are costly in every industry, but they’re particularly expensive in the automotive industry. For example, one automotive lead company charges as high as $30 per lead. The average cost for consumer leads in 2021 is $105, according to Linchpin SEO.

Blitzify helps you bypass the money pit and brings paying customers to your door hassle-free.

How it works

We’ve told you all about the benefits of your virtual lobby. It’s a great place to draw in customers. However, the most valuable tool in your Blitzify tool belt is InstaQuote. InstaQuote allows your shop to be open for business around the clock without you having to work day and night. The reality is that potential customers are seeking your services well past your business hours. Your future customer is sitting on their sofa after dinner, one hand cupping a warm beverage and the other scrolling through their phone searching for a service provider to schedule a long-overdue oil change. It’s a simple task that happens after the kids are in bed, not between nine and five. 

When your shop closes, Blitzify ensures that your business remains accessible.  You can enjoy the benefit of 24/7 leads for pennies on the dollar.

Simply enter your price for, e.g., an oil change for the 2004 Ford F-150. The Blitzify Parity System uses an intelligent system to apply that price to all other equivalent vehicles. That one price allows the Blitzify Parity System to automatically quote you for all Ford F-150’s with the same engine configuration. In fact, the Blitzify Parity System goes a step further. It also auto-fills your price for all other vehicles that require six quarts of oil. You have the power to update and manage your pricing at any time to create competitive advantages and ensure you’re getting market value for your services.

The Blitzify 24/7 InstaQuote System frees up time and resources so you can focus on customer satisfaction.

There have been anywhere from 300,000 to over 700,000 automobile models and sub-models produced since 1896. But automotive platform sharing means many of these vehicles have the same engines, drivetrains, brake components, etc. You give Blitzify one price. We give you thousands in return.

Monopolize the local market

Your customers have thousands of options at their fingertips. You may offer the best options for them, and they may never know it. In today’s market, advertising your business isn’t a matter of standing in the middle of a crowd and amplifying your voice; it’s about knowing exactly where to stand and being there at precisely the right time.

According to an IHS Automotive survey, seventy-five percent of aftermarket auto repairs are performed by independent auto repair shops like yours. If customers know who you are, they’ll come to you. Blitzify positions you with the greatest opportunity for success. Let us make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

Image shows man performing DIY vehicle maintenance under his car.

Get your prices in front of local vehicle owners when they need service.

Blitzify is backed by years of market research and testing. Our service provides your company an easy-to-use advertising platform. Customers know your exact, out-the-door pricing for common services, with no estimates or hidden costs. This transparency goes a long way in customer retention and loyalty. You give Blitzify a few hours of your time, and we give you years of market intelligence and paying customers.

But I already use Yelp and RepairPal

A Yelp lead equals a potential customer emailing or calling you to ask about pricing. That takes you out of the repair bay and into the office. RepairPal provides ballpark estimates for automotive services, leading customers to wonder what the final price will be. Blitzify eliminates those hassles.

Oil changes, wiper blade replacement, scheduled maintenance, battery replacement, brake pads, and tune-ups are the most common automotive services. Simply access your InstaQuote menu and enter the price for brake pad replacement on ten vehicles. A few minutes of your time turns into thousands of exact prices being filled in for other vehicles.

Blitzify is the first streamlined automotive lead generation system of its kind. It’s not just innovative. It’s revolutionary.

Let us introduce you to your new customers today.

Get in early

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  • The Blitzify 24/7 InstaQuote System
  • Yelp vs. RepairPal vs. Blitzify
  • Round-the-clock lead generation

Blitzify is disrupting the automotive repair industry. We’ve created a state-of-the-art platform that connects local customers right to you. Stay up to date on all the latest happenings. Sign up today and we’ll stay in touch.

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