As a serious automotive service provider and business person, you’ve likely hired freelancers for web design, content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). These individuals talk about KPIs, SERPS, caching, cloaking and other stuff meant to bring you more customers. Not only is it difficult to understand, but is also pricey in some cases. If only streamlined, affordable SEO was available for automotive service providers. Blitzify has your back.

Market research firm Ahrefs found that 91% of web pages get zero organic search traffic via search engines. That means of the 1.2 billion websites in existence, and the 400 million active websites, only about 3.6 million are recognized organically by search engines. The rest exist in virtual anonymity. Meanwhile many small business owners don’t even bother.

A survey found that 36% of small business did not have a website at all in 2020. That is an unbelievable statistic considering the virtual nature of business in the 21st century. Some don’t have time to maintain a website. Other don’t want to spend the money for a website. Blitzify streamlines SEO and costs next to nothing.

Get found by local customers

Many automotive service providers rely on. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as their “website.” Granted having presences on those platforms helps SEO. But Blitzify is an automotive serve-specific platform. is highly ranked for everything automotive. It is also a local SEO gem for those unwilling to spend big bucks on web design and marketing.

Your Blitzify virtual lobby is your personal web space. The work you do on your lobby, the better your SEO results. For instance, Larry’s Automotive Repair is located in Pueblo, Colorado. A young lady in the area is hearing a grinding noise when she applies her brakes. She asks Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa “best brake repair shop in Pueblo.” The search results display the most relevant sites and pages.

Blitzify is a local SEO gem for those unwilling to spend big bucks on web design and marketing.

Blitzify is already high-ranking for everything automotive. That why it is imperative for you to fill out your 24/7 InstaQuote Menu and everything else in your virtual lobby. Mention brake repair, Pueblo, neighborhood name, and other identifiers in your description. Search engines display your Blitzify page in the results. Customers find you via organic searches like this. But it’s not an automatic process.

A little effort brings big-time results

Our predictive maintenance system brings you customers based on your 24/7 InstaQuote Menu and the appeal of your virtual lobby. All three of these items determine the strength of your local SEO. When you give Blitzify 10 prices for your InstaQuote menu, we fill in tens of thousands of others for you. Blitzify similarly provides exponential SEO results with minimal effort.

Google loves photos and videos. Its algorithms can actually see your photos and recognizes local imagery in your area. The company’s street cars have traversed virtually every road in the United States for its Maps application. Google authenticates your company’s existence and location by cross-referencing it own databases. Adding images boosts your chances of showing up in search results.

Adding images to your profile boosts your chances of showing up in search results.

Videos are also important. Blitzify allows you to upload videos directly to your profile. Make a friendly welcome message and show off your facility.

Don’t forget to keep office hours, address, phone number, etc. all up to date. Organic traffic will start coming your way as a result.

Don’t miss out

The basics of SEO include:

  • organic (non-paid) recognition by search engines
  • catch attention of Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  • Virtual lobby effort + 24/7 InstaQuote Menu = SEO results
  • Incorporate photos and videos

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