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How to know a price quote is fair

Most vehicle owners have no idea what a fair price is for service and repairs. They are at the mercy of the host mechanic. For example, you take your car for a muffler replacement and are quoted $250 plus labor. Is this figure reasonable or too high? In the past, the customer had no way of knowing ahead of time the cost of a car service or repair. This is not true today.

With just a few clicks on the keyboard, one can access quotes for a repair on almost all makes and models of cars. Blitzify is the novel auto repair app that permits customers to search an auto repair for a vehicle. It provides quotes from several local hosts. The Blitzify platform is easy to navigate. Simply search for the car model and make and type of service you want. You are provided a list of hosts near you and comparable quotes in seconds.

Blitzify is about data

In today’s digital age, the customer has the upper hand. Blitzify provides reviews, costs of virtually every car repair, and where the best deals are available. More importantly, the app tells you which host is offering promotions and rebates.

The customer is well informed by knowing costs ahead of time. Predatory pricing is a thing of the past. When quoted a price by the host mechanic, the customer can quickly check with the Blitzify app if the price is reasonable or outrageous. Blitzify has revolutionized the way customers shop for automotive services; the best part is that the platform offers a free public service.

Blitzify provides quotes that have been directly obtained from the auto shops so that they are accurate and specific to the vehicle make and requested service. Furthermore, the exact price of each service is reported by Bliztify so that the customer is fully aware of the actual costs. For example, if you want an oil change and Blitzify has quoted you $20 at a local host, then that will be the exact price you will be paying when you get the service. Blitzify works in partnership with numerous dealers and local hosts and encourages them to add their exact prices on the platform.

Blitzify is the present and future

Customers and mechanics are now on a level playing field. By using your fingers to do the walking, you can save time and money when searching for an automotive provider in your area. Blitzify has removed the guesswork out of finding out the best service providers by giving you access to ratings, reviews, and price quotes. You have nothing to lose by registering with Blitzify

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