Chances are you have gone to a website and read a review of a product or service recently. There is a good chance, if you drive, that you have read consumer reviews for auto repair shops too.

Maybe you are looking for a new mechanic or perhaps your vehicle has a specific problem. Consumer reviews can reveal plenty about an auto repair shop.

A key tool for reviews

Researching an auto repair shop online is common. In fact, more people should do it. Consumer reviews give important details about other vehicle owners’ experiences. These tales of woe can put us off going to an auto repair shop that has a bad reputation. However, reviews can also put us in touch with the mechanic of our dreams.

Others have most likely experienced similar automotive problems. A review can tell you about similar repairs to vehicles, the shops that performed them and whether those repair shops are capable of completing the task.

Media bias

A newspaper, television channel or investigative journalist often dishes some dirt on an auto repair shop, which also influences consumers. By shining the light on a mechanic that is far from reputable, however, it puts the rest of the industry in a bad light.

Yet, these reporters that break “news” on a repair shop are looking for a story and have a motive. The service they were looking for may not even be the one you need. It could be a completely different case all together. Yet all mechanics are then painted with the same brush. Be smart about the type of coverage or the tone of a review.


This media bias causes most vehicle owners to distrust mechanics. Some auto experts call it “repairophobia.”By using a consumer review, automobile owners can find reputable mechanics, ones that won’t take you to the cleaners.

In addition, the people who are posting on the review website are doing so to either encourage or dissuade consumers from using the service offered, rather than make news.

Effects of repairophobia

According to car experts, due to repairophobia, some mechanics are afraid to tell customers about additional maintenance or preventative repairs. This is due to customers believing every mechanic is a thief. One again, customer reviews can come to the rescue of both mechanic and vehicle owner.

Consumer vengeance in reviews

A consumer review can come off as vengeful, however. There is always that one customer that is never happy with the result. They will always find a reason to be upset. The internet and review websites allow these consumers a platform to express their displeasure. Therefore, it is particularly important to look for verified reviews or to check if the mechanic or shop responded to the review with details about the situation.

Overall, consumer reviews reveal a lot about auto repair shops and mechanics. For one, you can learn which shops in your area are the best for a specific repair. You can also find out if a mechanic is reputable. Finally, a review website allows you to gain further information on dealing with an auto repair shop.

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