Sure, man’s best friend may love to stick his head out the car window and enjoy a short ride, but long hauls can be difficult for dogs and other pets. To keep your pet comfortable and safe in the car, follow these simple tips.

Make or invest in a sturdy hammock bed:

If your back seat is open, make or buy a dog bed that not only covers the entire seat, but also covers the gaps between the next row of seats. This will keep your pet from falling onto the floorboards while also keeping them nice and cozy for the duration of your ride.

Buy specific toys for your dogs:

Several toys are made so that owners can fill them with their pet’s favorite treats. One dog toy allows owners to stuff the toy with peanut butter and dog treats. The toy can give a dog or other pet countless hours of entertainment while also satisfying its need to snack.

Invest in medicine for nauseous dogs:

If your pet gets motion sick, ask your veterinarian about travel sickness medicines for animals.

Schedule pit stops:

Pets, especially dogs, aren’t normally used to being cooped up in a car for hours on end. While you have to stop to give your dog or pet an opportunity to do its business, make sure you also make time for the dog to stretch its legs for a bit. Find a park or just take your pet on a brisk 10-minute walk.

Buckle your dogs up:

It is against the law in most states to ride in a car without wearing a seat belt. You love your pet like a member of the family, so make sure you are keeping them safe as well. The best way to keep your pet safe is to buckle them in. You can do this by attaching one end of a belt buckle to a leash. Clip the belt buckle into the car to keep your animal secure. You can also put a full harness on your animal and clip it into the car with a belt buckle.

Pack plenty of toys:

Just like children, dogs need to be stimulated. Pack up your pet’s favorite chew toy and a couple of others to keep him content during your ride.

Plush up your dog’s perch:

Wherever your pet will be sitting during your ride, make sure it’s comfy. Pack the seat with pillows and blankets to be sure your pet is comfortable during your ride.

Buy some silicone bowls:

To keep your pet fed and adequately watered during your trip, find some silicone bowls that can fit easily into your drink holders. It will prevent spilling while also giving your pup access to what he needs.

Now man’s best friend can have just as much fun as you do when you hit the road!

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