Cleaning a car can be a hassle, but adding cleaning materials into the mix can make it expensive. Clearly, that is worse than just a regular-priced hassle. Luckily, some household products can be used to make your ride shine. Your neighbors will be able to see a reflection of their jealous little faces as you drive by. The following products can be found in your cabinets and cupboards. Instead of having to go get the supplies needed to clean a car, you can get straight to work. 

7 items to clean your car


Headlights a little dim? You may have significant buildup on the covers. Squeeze some toothpaste onto the lights and use some old fashioned elbow grease to shine those lights until they sparkle. As long as you know how to brush teeth (and we certainly hope you do) you’ll be fine. Use this easy hack to regain sight of the road when you drive at night.   

Dish soap:

Instead of spending a fortune on fancy car soaps, grab some dish soap instead. Fill a bucket with water and add in a generous amount of dish soap. Dip your rag or sponge in and get to scrubbing. If you want to be Eco-friendly, you could even lather up your car before a heavy rain and let nature do the rinsing. 

Rubbing alcohol:

Have a stain in your car’s upholstery? Dab the stain with some rubbing alcohol. Be sure not to rub the stain, and be cautious and use a dye-free fabric to dab the stain away. Test this method on an inconspicuous part of the upholstery to ensure that nothing noticeable is left behind in the process of cleaning.

Fabric or dryer sheets:

Instead of wiping down your dashboard with chemicals and a rag, try using dryer sheets. The dust will cling to the fabric sheet and will give your car a nice, fresh scent. Dryer sheets can also help keep pests out of your air vents. Stuff one in the vent and any pests that already crept into your car should vacate.

Cooking spray:

Cooking spray isn’t only good for keeping things from sticking in the kitchen. If your wheels tend to end up covered in dirt, spray them with cooking spray after your next car wash. The cooking spray will keep dirt from sticking to your tires.


Vinegar has proven itself useful in the culinary world, but it also has a range of uses in the automotive world as well. If you combine three parts water with one part vinegar, you’ll have yourself a deodorizing and sanitizing solution that’s cheaper than comparable compounds and contains no questionable chemicals.

Carpet cleaner or baking soda powder:

This one is obvious. If you already have a carpet cleaning powder, you can sprinkle it over your car’s floor mats and vacuum it up for a fresh scent. If you don’t have carpet cleaner, use baking soda powder with an essential oil mixed in for an extra clean scent.

These seven simple tricks should get your car looking fresh in clean at half the price. 

Want to save more? Here are some basic maintenance tasks that you can do yourself and save!

If you don’t have room, or the ability to clean your car yourself, you can also search for local area car wash facilities.

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