Many motorists complain about the high price of gas but often do not realize that aggressive driving is one of the most common reasons for rapid gas consumption. Drivers who constantly speed, apply brakes suddenly, and rapidly accelerate after every stop will be filling the tank more often than those who do not have such driving habits. For those who want to save money and improve gas mileage, here are some driving tips that will help you drive more efficiently.

If you can afford it, get a driver feedback device installed into your vehicle. Studies suggest that these devices can help the driver not only save on gas but improve mileage.

Carry less weight

The more weight you have in your car, the more stress it places on the engine, wheels, and tires; consequently, more gas is required. If you have loads of unnecessary weight in your car, lightening the load will help increase the number of miles per gallon.

Monitor tire pressure

The owner’s manual will tell you how much air pressure the tires require and you should stick to those recommendations. When you drive around with under-inflated tires, this causes the engine to utilize more fuel to move the vehicle. The amount of pressure your tires need is usually recorded on the placard on the driver’s side door. Check the pressure every month and this will save you money in the long run.

Get the car serviced regularly

During the service ask the technician to check the spark plugs and air filter. Replacing these items as recommended in the owner’s manual can improve engine efficiency and increase the mileage per gallon.

Use the recommended Oil

These days there are many types of oils being promoted as being better for vehicles and safer for the environment; while this may be true, you should try and use the oil recommended for your vehicle. The reason is that the manufacturer has designed an engine for specific oil and you should not simply change it because of a positive advertisement about another oil. If you use the wrong oil, it can result in too much friction in the engine components, causing them to work harder and consequently burn up more fuel.

Slow down

One of the easiest ways to save on fuel consumption and to improve gas mileage is to slow down. Drive at or just below the speed limit. When you stop rushing everywhere, you will require fewer visits to the gas station.

Cruise control

When you drive on the highways, use cruise control which will help maintain a safe and legal speed limit. Besides, this will translate into more efficient use of fuel. By decreasing the need to brake and accelerate while on cruise control, you will get more mileage per gallon of gas. Avoid idling. In the morning there is no need to warm up the car for 5 minutes. Cars built since the 1990s only need warming up for about 30 seconds. Unnecessary idling can be very hard on your pocket.


To save gas you do not need to purchase the latest model fuel-saving car. With the above measures, you can also save a significant amount of money.

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