Certain jobs, sports, and even cars have their own language. This language makes it easy for experts in each to communicate. When it comes to vehicles, there is plenty of automotive jargon that experts use and drivers should understand. Before you go to an auto parts shop or mechanic, it is a good idea to get to know these basic terms: 

Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Anti-lock brakes prevent lockup from occurring. Most modern cars have ABS installed, and it should prevent your vehicle’s brakes from locking when stopping suddenly. 

Car handling

Car handling is how responsive and accurate the steering of your vehicle is. When you are driving, if the vehicle goes exactly where you steered it to go, then the car handling is good. However, if you must continually adjust the steering wheel as you drive, the car handling is generally classified as bad.

Front and rear wheel drive

Front-wheel drive is a feature in which the power is sent to the front wheels of a vehicle. The front wheels enable the vehicle to move forwards or backward due to having the vehicle’s power. Most cars bought today have front-wheel drive. In contrast, rear-wheel drive vehicles receive their power in the rear wheels. These vehicles are more expensive than front-wheel drive automobiles. However, rear-wheel drive vehicles allow for better handling. 

Fuel-injection system (FIS)

The FIS is a computerized system that takes the vehicle’s fuel and mixes it with air. The mixture then passes into the engine where it combusts.


Lockup is related to braking and is something you want to avoid. Lockups happen when you press the brakes but feel the tires skid. It generally occurs in wet conditions or on unpaved surfaces.

Miles per gallon (MPG)

This one is easy, but new drivers may need a primer. Miles per gallon refer to the distance traveled on a specified amount of gasoline. MPG matters when it comes to your wallet. It is important to remember that MPG can vary. When the tests are done on new cars by the Environmental Protection Agency, the MPG is just an estimate. The vehicle hasn’t been driven in real-world conditions. Many factors can impact your vehicle’s MPG. Keeping track of the number of miles per gallon your car is actually getting can help you recognize sudden drops in MPG that may indicate a larger problem or need for a service or repair. 

Power steering

Introduced commercially in passenger cars in 1951, power steering allows for the easy turning of a vehicle’s wheels. The wheels of a vehicle have their own power source which provides the automobile with the ability to turn easily.

Push start

If you have ever had your manual car’s battery die, you may have used a push start to get it running again. Unfortunately, you can’t do the same with an automatic.

It usually takes at least two people to push start a vehicle. Once the pushers are in place, put the vehicle in second gear, switch the ignition to on and press the clutch. After the vehicle has been pushed to around five miles per hour, release the clutch and the engine will hopefully fire and start.

While some of this automotive jargon may seem basic, and others may seem unfamiliar, the point in knowing exactly what they mean is simple. If you want to get the best deal when servicing your car, purchasing a car, or even just over the course of owning your car, you need to know the lingo. There’s little doubt a mechanic or a salesman will mention some of these terms at some point and it could save you a lot of money, time, and headache to be on the same page. Learning these terms can also save you from being talked into services you don’t need

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