Your car is complicated – that much is clear. Not only does it require numerous small and large parts to work flawlessly together, but it also requires liquids and lubricants to make sure all those parts work smoothly as well. Liquids and lubricants keep your car working properly. If these fluids run dry a car could breakdown. This, of course, would cost you far more money than a simple check and top off of fluids like coolant and wiper fluid.

What is Coolant?

Coolant is a particularly important fluid to keep your eye on. One part anti-freeze, one part water, coolant keeps your car the proper temperature. Coolant runs through the car’s radiator, water pump, water hose and internal engine passages. Without a proper amount of coolant, an engine can become overheated. 

Most cars have a light on the console to indicate when the coolant is low or if the car is overheated. In addition, you can check under the hood to see if the coolant reservoir is low. You will be able identify this by looking at it. 

Enter your vehicle into your Blitzify garage and we’ll let you know exactly what kind of coolant your vehicle requires. 

Different types of cars take different coolant, so be sure to read your owner’s manual first. Keep in mind, because cars take different kinds of coolant, you may have to mix the fluids yourself with water. However, if you’re lucky, your car will take the pre-mixed coolant. If this is too complicated, it’s best not to risk your car through trial and error. Instead, enter your vehicle into your Blitzify garage and we’ll let you know exactly what kind of coolant your vehicle requires. 

How to Replace Coolant

Turn off your car and allow it to cool down before replacing the coolant. If you attempt to change the fluid before the car has cooled you run the risk of severely burning your hand. 

Once the car has cooled down you can remove the coolant tank’s cap. You can see on the tank if the coolant is below the fill mark. If it is, you need to fill it up to the full mark. 

It is wise to use a funnel to pour the coolant in. This will keep you from spillage and waste. After filling upto the lip, you should be good to go until the next time your car needs a refill.

Don’t Forget About the Windshield Wiper Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid is often ignored because it is seen as non-essential. However, a car’s wiper fluid helps to remove the dirt and debris from your windshield. Without it, your view can become obstructed and could cause an accident. 

To check your wiper fluid level, make sure you park your automobile on a flat surface. An uneven plane will keep you from properly measuring the level. Make sure the car has cooled down before opening the hood. If it isn’t cool enough, you could burn yourself on the car’s various instruments.

Once you have located the wiper fluid reservoir, you may be able to see the fluid’s level by looking at the clear fluid holder. The wiper fluid tank is usually located at the back of the engine bay. So look in that area if you are struggling to find it. 

If the wiper fluid tank is less than half full, you need to add liquid to it. The cap can be unscrewed and you can then add fluid until it reaches the full mark on the tank. Like the coolant, it is best to use a funnel to prevent spills. 

Once you have filled the tank up to the full mark, replace the tank’s cap and close the hood. 

Knowing how to check and fill important liquids in your vehicle is more than just a convenience. This information can help you if you find yourself in a bind, or if you simply want to keep track of your car’s health between services. 

Don’t feel like getting under the hood yourself?

Sometimes you don’t have the time to handle these types of vehicle maintenance services yourself. Sometimes you just don’t want to get your hands dirty. We understand. If that’s the case, most repair shops can handle topping off your coolant and windshield wiper fluids at relatively low costs. We recommend getting price quotes from local area repair shops and compare prices before scheduling. 

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