One of the biggest questions facing vehicle owners centers around the regularly scheduled maintenance of their car, truck, or SUV. So, is it really that important to schedule regular maintenance on your automobile?

While you may not be inclined to do it at the time, and though it may not seem important at the moment, you may pay more in the future if you don’t deal with it. Delaying or avoiding a routine service doesn’t always mean that you will simply pay for the service down the line. In fact, the damage that may occur in the meantime could set you up for a far larger and unexpected expense. 

You could follow your owner’s manual

The first thing to do is to have a look at your vehicle owner’s manual. Inside it should give you some key information on your vehicle’s maintenance and when it should get a tune-up. 

Manufacturers have tested the auto parts that have gone into your vehicle and can give you the right advice on when it should be serviced. Interestingly, this advice can be different than what your dealership says. For consistency, refer to your manual. 

By the numbers

Don’t pay for a service if you don’t need it. If a service provider has scheduled you for a fluid change at 30,000 miles, yet your owner’s manual says 80,000, consider who is benefitting from this. While many service providers provide customers with honest assessments, you still want to be aware of the needs of your particular car. Not all service providers will be aware of the needs of every single car that comes into their garage.

Many newer vehicles no longer need an oil change every 3,000 miles.

Despite what some may tell you at your mechanic’s or dealership, most new vehicles can go farther, so be aware you may get 5,000 to 7,000 miles along before needing an oil change. 

Other changes and checks will clock in at different numbers, so consult your owner’s manual. It makes great bedtime reading.

The importance of maintenance

While your vehicle may not need to be serviced or maintained as often as some dealers and mechanics would like, your vehicle’s life can be extended by taking it in regularly.

Simple things like getting the spark plugs changed can keep it running longer and smoother. Keeping the little things in line can prevent larger, more expensive problems from occurring over time. 

Having your air filter changed every tune-up is another simple thing that can improve fuel economy. It isn’t a major thing, but a little one that protects the life of your vehicle. 

The bottom line

You’ll be better off sticking to your maintenance schedule. See it as a preventative measure that will keep your car running longer. 

Keep in mind that regular maintenance also slows long-term damage from developing, which keeps your vehicle fit and healthy for a long life. 

You might even be able to do some basic maintenance services yourself!

Blitzify helps you keep track of your maintenance schedule

When you enter your vehicle into your Blitzify garage, along with your current mileage, we’ll be able to provide you with your maintenance schedule, alert you to upcoming maintenance and even allow you to compare price quotes from local area service providers on your required services. That way you won’t be caught with a serious problem, signaled by a flashing check engine light…

Also, Blitzify also allows you to schedule services online, saving you time and money!

Once again, Blitzify gives you exactly what your car needs when you need it. You can quote us on it!

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